New wishes
New feelings
New perspectives
Where all new things will be done if we put actions into it.


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Come Again! 🙂

It Hurts to Be Me

Walls of the Underground

The wrong way again and what one found oneself with was the great sight, the waterfall of nothing, gray void, flowing thoughts and memories. One drank from its poisoned remains, after filtered by dark soil, and all the taste that stayed was a relief of having drunk and having forgotten everything before. There was a time to ponder questions of the self and it had to be then, it had to be there, and it had to be for one.

One was nothing before being born and when faced with the jungle of concepts, a mist confused mess of many, a place of understatements and the mishandling of hunger, thirst, and feelings. One went to swim in its waters of air and came out looking into nature’s mirrors, the leaves fallen, and sit on a rock, with the face of a sculpture.

“I traveled very far for this…”

“I traveled…

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Silent No More

Image Credit: Caroline K., Blandon, PA

Silent No More
by Raynham Pasa

“Is he gay?”
“I think so.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”
“Ask him.”
“Hey, are you–”

The last period bell cut off the cacophony of fresh gossip. My ears burned with embarrassment, and I walked away as quickly as possible, feeling clunky and awkward. There had always been rumors about my sexual orientation, but the painfully straightforward questions made me cringe. I tried to shrug off the girls’ malice as ignorance, but I became preoccupied with thought. My blood rose with anger as I heard their laughter in the background. Inhibitions blinded, I rashly shouted, “Some people are so rude!”

“You f—–t!”

“Wow! I haven’t heard that before. You have to be the wittiest people I’ve encountered.”

This would have been a perfect response if I had said it aloud. In reality, as a shy, easily embarrassed freshman, I had yet to stand up for myself, let alone defend my sexual orientation. I wanted to tell someone what had happened, but I was too embarrassed by the situation. I had experienced gay jokes and “playful” comments before, but the hateful word those girls had used felt like a knife in my chest. A myriad of insecurity, second-guessing, and self-denial ­silenced me.

After weeks of agonizing and hiding the secret, I promised myself that I would never be silenced again. Gradually, I came out to my closest friends, then my sister, and finally my parents. With their support, I grew more comfortable, and I saw changes in my disposition. My face no longer reddened at the mention of homosexuality, and instead of slouching away from intrusive questions, I proudly proclaimed, “Yes, I am gay.”

It is difficult for me to pinpoint the moment of my epiphany, but as I gained confidence, I was finally able to face the ignorance and homophobia in my school. I spoke up with authority, and people began to listen and respect me. They recognized that I was not weak because of my sexual orientation and that I would not degrade myself with silence.

I became a leader in my school, and during sophomore year, I joined the Gay-Straight Alliance. My participation has helped me accept myself and forgive those girls and the others who have hurt me with their ignorance.

Hate is unproductive. I’ve learned that I cannot hold grudges or become bitter toward people who try to hurt me; their hate comes from misinformation and ignorance. My experiences have helped me to better understand homophobic people and to see the good in many of them.

My trials have been a blessing in disguise. Though I was knocked down, I built myself back up with clear goals and responsibilities. I now have two objectives: to provide a safe community for gay students, and to educate those who harass us.


by AvatarBy Lucy4himnotu, Richardson, TX

Your hands hold the needles,
I am the recreation,
You pinch and pull and twist me,
Make a new sensation.

Make me what I am now,
With every ache and pain,
You give me a new patern,
but what have I to gain?

This fabric does not suit me,
Its boring and its bland,
The texture of an iron clasp,
The color of dampened sand..

Sew me back together,
Put the pieced back in place,
Make a few adjustments,
Just touch up my face

Fix everything about me,
You think should be changed,
Stick that needle, sew me up…
Leave me, so rearranged.

The author’s comments:

“The world always has better plans for me…”


 I’m a friend that will put your needs first over mine. I will let you cry on my shoulder over a breakup or because someone died in a TV show. I will let you be you and everything and more.
I’ll let you know when i’m mad at you and likely yell at you.
When you think nobody is listening to you, i’ll tell you my ears are open. And when you are in need of advice, i’ll tell you my mouth is in need of a work out. When you need no more words and and no more silence, I will wrap my arms around your body and they’ll stay as long as it takes for the pain to leave. When you’re sick, whether its 3am or 3pm call me and I will be there with chicken soup, drugs, fisherman’s friends, tissues and tea. I’ll help you shower when you have no energy. I’ll clean your room, your house. Most of all, I’ll be there.. I’ll also yell at you to wake up to yourself and to stop living in the past or for the future.. Live for now. When you think you have nothing to live for, I’ll tell you how beautiful and talented you are. I’ll tell you the honest truth about you. I’ll tell you that you’re not perfect, but you’re close to it. I’ll honestly just be there, time after time. I’ll be the family, that you choose.  My love for you as a friend will be everlasting. 

Sarah Iwanuch (via vagafaults)